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Coffee Table


A mid-century coffee table designed by Romeo Rega. Brass and chrome rectangular frame with inset smoked glass top. 

Dimensions: H 40cm W 140cm D 80cm

Origin: Italian

Date: Circa 1970

Item Number: 1704242

Romeo Rega (1925–1984) was an emblematic figure in the world of Italian design, celebrated for his distinctive blend of modernism and glamour.

Born in Rome, Rega's early career was influenced by the post-war Italian design renaissance. He initially trained under prominent designers of the era, which honed his aesthetic towards sleek, functional artistry combined with opulent materials. Rega established his own design house in the late 1960s, which quickly became a cornerstone of Italian design. Rega's work is renowned for its integration of classic elements with futuristic details, using materials like brass, chrome, and glass. His designs often featured geometric and symmetrical forms, and he had a penchant for integrating metal with glass to create pieces that reflected light and space beautifully. His most famous pieces include the "Rega Table," known for its brass framework and glass top, and his line of luxurious, chromed furniture. These works not only defined the chic, modern interiors of the era but also contributed to the evolution of interior design internationally. The trademark Romeo Rega ‘RR’ was first used on New Years Eve 1969, and has since became characteristic of high quality, 1970s modernist design.

The company manufactured until 1981. Today, Romeo Rega's legacy lives on through his contributions to furniture design and is cherished by collectors and design aficionados worldwide. His work continues to exhibit in major galleries and museums, attesting to his lasting influence on the design landscape.

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