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'The Women of Sorrento'


'The Women of Sorrento' Pencil, watercolour and body colour painting by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1829-1908).  The Women of Sorrento drawing in the boats with the help of a young man. Set to a Tuscan backdrop. Original frame. 

Stanhope initially trained under GF Watts and accompanied him to Italy in 1857, where he was greatly inspired. He worked on the Oxford Union murals with Rosetti and Burne-Jones and regularly exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery. Stanhope settled outside Florence in 1873, where he lived for the remainder of his life.

Dimensions: Picture H 38cm W 52cm With Frame H 74cm W 59cm 

Origin: English

Date: Circa 1890

Item Number: 902228

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