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The Hunt


A patinated bronze sculpture by John Willis Good (1845-1878) depicting an English countryside Fox hunting scene. A saddled horse dutifully standing astride his master, whip in hand, whilst the hounds gather around the captured Fox. Set over a naturalistic bronze base. Excellent rich brown patination. Signed ' J Willis Good 1872' to bronze. 

Dimensions: H 30m W 60cm D 28cm 

Origin: English

Date: 1872

19th century English sculptor John Willis Good, born in 1845 produced outstanding works of craftsmanship in bronze, sterling silver and plated-bronze. Focusing on hunting and equestrian themes, he created sculptures which were comparable to the masters of the French animalier school. His talent and success came to a shocking end when he shot himself in his studio on Fulham Road in 1878. Good exhibited his works between 1870 and 1878 with the Royal Academy and received much public attention and acclaim. 

Item Number: 2510225

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