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Pair of Glass Vases


A Pair of clear and black square Ssmmerso glass vases by Swedish glassmaker Nils Landberg (1907-1991) for Orrefors Glassworks. Signed Orrefors on both and numbered 3736/128 on small and 3736 on large. 

Dimensions: Small, H 19cm W/D 6cm Large, H 23cm W/D 7cm

Origin: Sweden

Date: Circa 1950

Orrefors Glassworks was founded in 1898 on the same site where ironworks operations had been run since 1726. In 1913, Consul Johan Ekman from Gothenburg became the new owner of Orrefors Glassworks. He appointed Albert Ahlin as manager of the glassworks and this marked the start of a new era. 

Nils Landberg was a Swedish glass artist and designer who trained at the school of Design and Craft in Gothenburg, Sweden. Landberg began working in 1925 at Orrefors  Glasswork as an engraver, and later as a designer. By 1937 he was debuting at the Paris Exhibition and participating in the World Exhibition in New York in 1939, culminating in his wining the gold medal in 957 in Milan Triennale. He is best known for his thin, stylish art glass and decorative glass. 

Item Number: 1908203


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