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Smoked Glass Vase


A smoked glass vase by Danish glassmaker Per Lütken for Holmegaard Glassworks. Signed and Dated 1961.

Dimensions: H 16cm D at top 7.5cm

Origin: Danish

Date: 1961

Holmegaard Glassworks is located in the town of Fensmark, Holmegaard. 

Much of the early works were derivative and inconsequential and the company remained fairly unknow until the 1930's where it's fortunes were transformed by the designs of Jacob E. Bang (1899-1965) and Per Lütken (1916-1998.)

Per Lütken was a Danish glassmaker, designing more than three thousand pieces of glass for Holmegaard Glassworks, for whom he worked for from 1942 up until his death in 1998. The arrival of Lütken at Holmegaard marked a new beginning in the history of the factory. The works of Per Lütken are highly regarded, especially throughout Scandinavia, and in Denmark and Sweden in particular. 

In 2008 Holmegaard Glass Factory announced that the company would have to close due to bankruptcy unless a new buyer was found. Initially the exhibition centre closed while production remained, however in 2009 all production ceased and the factory was closed

Item Number: 1908202

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