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Sitting Girl


An Art Deco bronze sculpture of a girl, sitting on a column with one leg elegantly dangling over the edge, with her head rested against her knee, and her face in thoughtful pose. Sculpted by Henry Arnold (1879 - 1945) for Goldscheider and La Stèle Studio. Signed 'Henry Arnold' to side of column with foundry stamp. Inscribed  Cire Perdue A.G. Paris' to rim of base. 

French Sculptor Henry Arnold (1879-1945) joined the Paris school of fine arts in 1898 before exhibiting at the 'Société Nationale des Beaux Arts in 1911. Arnold wend on to become a prominent figure at the Salon des Tulleries and later the Salon d'Automne 1928. Hs style veers away from Romanticism and focuses the revival of Hellenistic Classicism with an emphasis on synthesis. Arnold joined 'La Bande à Schnegg' - a group of 20th century sculptors who, under the sponsorship of Auguste Rodin, worked together to produce works of human centricity which assimilate the fundamental ideals of sculpture. Arnold and La Bande à Schnegg gave rise to modern figurative sculpture which proceed to flourish throughout the century. 

Dimensions: H 57cm D 20cm 

Origin: French

Date: Circa 1920

Item Number: 2810224

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