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"Pierrot" an early 20th Century, Art Deco bronze figure of a pantomime character with fine, cold painted colours, holding a bunch of flowers. Raised on a stepped, marble base and signed 'Bouraine'.

Marcel Andre Bouraine - French, 1886 to 1948 ~ Born in Pontoise in 1886. In the main he was self taught. His works capture an enigmatic realism of the period. He was imprisoned by the Germans during the 1914 - 1918 war and so interested his captors that they gave him many works to execute. He was interned in Switzerland where he produced many monuments, of which one was for Lausanne. He exhibited at all the main Paris Salons.

Artist: Marcel Bouraine (1886-1948)

Literature: Art Deco & Other Figures by Bryan Catley.

Origin: France

Date: circa 1930

Height: H 27.5cm, W 13.5cm, D 7cm 

Item no: 0303205

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