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Prowling Tiger


An Art Deco, patinated bronze sculpture of a prowling tiger by Georges Lavroff (1895-1991) depicting a stylised tiger grooming itself set over a marble plinth.

Signed G Lavroff with foundry mark

Georgij Dmitrievic Lavrov was born in 1895 in Siberia. After a period of study at the university of Tomsk and a stint with the 6thregiment of the partisans of Azchipov, Lavrov came to Moscow and became a member of the Russian artistes association and in 1927 was sent to France to promote Soviet Art. This was the beginning of Georges Lavroff and his iconic sculpture work. He worked mostly with Bronze and ceramics and for some time worked closely with Marcel Guillemard with whom he produced powerful bronze sculptures, some of which bore the signature of Guillemard and not Lavroff himself.

In 1940 he moved back to Russia and mostly worked on monumental sculptures and busts of Soviet societal figures. Georges Lavroff died at the age of 96 on the 29th August 1991.

Dimensions: H 30cm, L 70cm

Origin: French

Date: circa 1930

Item No: JAC1871

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