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Barovier & Toso Frosted Glass Vase


A frosted blue glass Murano vase by Ercole for Barovier & Toso in Murano Italy. Signed to underneath. 

Dimensions: H 24.5cm W 15cm D 7cm

Origin: Italy

Date: Circa 1970's

Barovier & Toso is the oldest glass company in Italy, dating back as far as 1295. in the late 1800's Giovanni Barovier purchased the Salviati Dr. Antonio glass firm. The company rapidly became known for their refined glass works, partaking in important exhibitions to further promote the business. After becoming joint partner with his brother Nicole in 1919, Ercole Barovier became managing director in 1920 and new designs were introduced, creating vitreous textures and unusual animal figurines. 

Sophisticated glass patterns such as 'Primavera' and 'Crespuscolo' won great admiration and acclaim for the firm, and between 1928 and 1970 lots of the designs were featured in venetian fashion trends and exhibitions. Ercole Barovier was succeeded by his son Angelo in 1972.

A retrospective exhibition of Ercole Baroviers complete works was held at the Museo Correr in Venice in 1989. 

Item Number: 68204

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