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'Female Warrior'


An Art Deco Sculpture by Hungarian designer Laszlo Hoenig (1905-1971). A Carved wooden study of a stylised semi nude figure holding a bronze sword and tribal mask. Highly polished walnut set over a bronze base. Stamped 'LAHO LONDON' to underside.

Born in the Austro-Hungarian empire, Laszlo Hoenig was a specialised designer, cabinet maker and artist. He worked in Berlin during the eminent era of the Bauhaus before relocating to London as the strength of the Weimar Public began to take hold. Within a few years he opened a design showroom room Mayfair which ran successfully until his death in 1971. Hoenig’s style is emblematic of the Art Deco era. His ability to create fine crafted furniture with a continental flare is undeniable. Encompassing the finest hand crafted woods and classical lines in his sculpture and furniture, Laszlo Hoenig was a true master of Art Deco.

Dimensions: H 32cm W 18cm D 7.5cm 

Origin: English

Date: Circa, 1935

Item Number: 2803233

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