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"Coq Debout"


"Coq Debout", an unusual, mid 19th Century bronze study of a cockerel with a rich, black and brown patina. Signed 'P J Mene'. 

Pierre- Jules Mêne was born in Paris 1810 and worked as a teenager for his father as a metal turner, culminating in the casting of his own bronze sculptures his foundry by 1837.

Mêne specialised in small bronze animal figures that were so popular with the Bourgeois of the Second Empire.

To meet popular demand for his sculptures he produced more editions than other contemporaries of his time and while his work is often priced lower in comparison with the likes of Barye, the quality is as high as the best of his counterparts, often being described as the lost-wax casting expert of his time ‘cire perdue method’.

He died in the city of his birth in 1879 and is considered one of the pioneers of animal sculptures in the 19thcentury.

Artist: Pierre-Jules Mêne (1810-1879)

Origin: France

Date: circa 1860

Height: H 14cm, W 9cm, D 7.5cm 

Item no: 03032010

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