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"Cheval Hennissant"


"Cheval Hennissant", a late 19th Century bronze study of a neighing horse with a rich, brown colour and fine surface detail. Raised on a stepped, naturalistic base, stamped with 'Peyrol' foundry mark and signed 'Isidore Bonheur".

Isidore Jules Bonheur was born in Bordeaux 1827 and is known as one of the 19thcentury’s most distinguished sculptors.

 His career began as a painter, enrolling at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in 1849, having already made his Salon (Paris) debut in 1848. He continued to exhibit there regularly until 1899. Bonheur gave up painting in favour of sculpture early on in his career and received numerous  medals for his animalier sculptures, in particular the equine figures.

Bonheur found a greater market for his work in mid-century England, gaining representation at the Royal Academy, producing a variety of work targeted at English collectors, with his ability to capture subtle motion and movement in his animalier sculptures making them incredibly desirable. 

Many of his sculptures were edited by Hippolyte Peyrol, his brother in law, and due to their exceptional execution it is thought their working relationship to be strong.

Bonheur died in Paris 1901 and remains a pioneer for 19thcentury animalier sculpture.

Artist: Isidore Jules Bonheur (1827-1901)

Origin: France

Date: circa 1880

Height: H 34.5cm, W 37cm, D 12cm 

Item no: 0303207

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