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Carp in Dappled Sunlight


'Carp in Dappled Sunlight' a Contemporary painting by Vera Jefferson depicting carp swimming  against a stylised, abstract water, with the sunlight shimmering on their backs. Signed V Jefferson to lower right. 

Dimensions: H 93cm W 63.5cm D 5.5cm

 Vera Jefferson trained at Goldsmiths College, London and went on to teach Art to students with special needs.

Jefferson's work is influenced by Russian Rayonism and Cubism, focusing on rays and intersecting rays of light emanating from the subject matter to enhance the movement and create energy, with the dynamic intersecting of rays giving rise to colour harmonies. As inspiration comes from the visual world and the experiences of events. An example being a phone call early one morning from her hysterical daughter who was out walking her dogs in the woods when a herd of deer rushed past her resulting in the dogs running off in a panic. This image stayed with her and inspired her. Birds also feature strongly in her work.

Vera Jefferson has exhibited at several Art exhibitions with The London Group and has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists at The Mall Galleries, London. Her work has featured for Jeroen Markies Art Deco since early 2019. 

Origin: English

Date: Contemporary 

item Number: 1401231

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