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Art Deco Writing Desk


An Art Deco writing desk by Waring & Gillow. Oak with inset leather skriver. Bookshelves to front and side with graduating drawers. Waring and Gillow label to inside of top drawer. 

Dimensions: H 76.5cm W 107.5cm D 61.5cm

Origin: English

Date: Circa 1935

Waring & Gillow was a British furniture manufacturer and retailer that was established in Liverpool in 1897, by a merger between John Waring & Sons (founded in 1835) and Gillow & Co. (founded in 1730). The company quickly became one of the leading furniture makers in the United Kingdom, with a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Waring & Gillow was known for their luxurious and stylish furniture, often incorporating exotic woods and intricate carving. They were particularly renowned for their Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs, which were popular in the early 20th century. The company's success allowed them to expand their operations, opening showrooms in major cities across the UK, as well as overseas in countries such as Canada, South Africa, and Australia. They also provided interior design services for prestigious clients, including royalty and celebrities.

During World War II, Waring & Gillow shifted their focus to support the war effort, producing furniture for military use and contributing to the production of aircraft parts. After the war, the company struggled to compete with the rise of mass-produced furniture and changing consumer tastes. In 1961, Waring & Gillow was acquired by a larger furniture company. However, Waring & Gillow remains a celebrated name in the history of British furniture making

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