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An Art Deco cold painted bronze figure by Josef Lorenzl (1892-1950). A stylised woman in a motion pose, set over a marble plinth.

Signed to bronze.

Dimensions: H 25.5cm, W 18cm, D 6cm

Origin: Austrian

Date: Circa 1930

Josef Lorenzl (1892-1950) was an Austrian sculptor and ceramicist renowned for his work during the Art Deco period. Born in Vienna, he initially trained as a metalworker before his exceptional talent led him to the prestigious Wiener Werkstatte (Vienna Workshop), where he collaborated with prominent artists of the time. Lorenzl became particularly famous for his elegant and sensuous bronze and chryselephantine sculptures, often depicting slender, graceful female figures in dynamic poses. His works, characterised by their fluid lines and exquisite detailing, captured the modernist spirit of the early 20th century. In addition to his sculptures, Lorenzl also created stunning porcelain figurines for renowned companies such as Goldscheider and Keramos, further cementing his legacy as a master of decorative arts. His pieces remain highly sought after by collectors and continue to be celebrated for their beauty and craftsmanship.

Item Number: 2905243

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