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'Ceres' an Art Deco bronze sculpture by André Bizette-Lindet (1906-1988). Depicting Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, fertility and motherly relationships, holding aloft a strand of Wheat, bear breasted with a shawl around her and her hair flowing in the wind. Signed 'A. Bizette-Lindet' and inscribed 'Susse First Edts Paris' and with 'Cire perdue and bronze' foundry stamp. 

Dimensions: H 87cm W 11cm D 9cm

Origin: French

Date: Circa 1935

Born in Savenay France, André Lizette-Lindet (1906-1998) studied at the École des Arts Décoratifs and the Beaux-Arts in Paris, after which he studied under classically acclaimed sculptor Henri Bouchard. Bizette-Lindet soared to success at the age of 24 after he won the ‘Grand Prix de Rome’ and as of 1929, he took part in the French Artists Salons, later becoming a shareholder.  He was commissioned to create the reliefs on the doors of the Palais de Tokyo and one can still admire his bronze figures adorning the entrance today. This work was inaugurated during the 1937 World Expo, earning Bizette-Lindet the ‘Legion of Honour’ award. He worked with a variety of materials, including sandstone, marble, granite, slate, bronze, iron and ceramics producing a vast scale of works ranging from public monuments of epic grander to intricate personal bronzers harping back to classical realism. Amongst the whole array of his numerous works, diverse and always appreciated by the public, his true mastery is expressed in his carefully considered ability to form the human body.

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