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Asian Elephant


A Mid-19th century bronze sculpture of a standing Asian Elephant with raised trunk by Alfred Barye (1839-1882). Rich dark brown, worn patina expected with age. Set over naturalistic base and signed A Barye. 

Dimensions: H 10cm W 16cm D 5.5cm

Origin: French

Date: Circa 1860

Item Number: 2104234

Alfred Barye was a French sculptor born on January 21, 1839, in Paris. He was the second son of Antoine-Louis Barye, a renowned sculptor known for his animal sculptures. Growing up in a family of artists, Alfred showed an early interest in art and began working in his father's studio at a young age. After completing his education, Alfred began working as an independent sculptor, specialising in animal figures. He created a wide range of sculptures, including hunting scenes, wild animals, and domestic animals, and his work was highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts. Alfred was known for his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to capture the movement and character of his subjects. He created sculptures in a variety of materials, including bronze, marble, and ivory. Alfred exhibited his work at the Paris Salon, where he won numerous awards and accolades. He also exhibited his work in other major cities in Europe and the United States. Alfred continued to work as a sculptor throughout his life, creating a large body of work that has had a lasting impact on the art world. He died on March 6, 1882, at the age of 43, but his legacy as one of the greatest animal sculptors of his time lives on today.

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