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Winged Nymph


A patinated bronze figure of a winged Nymph interlocking her hands in a virtuous pose. Set over variegated marble plinth. Signed G.H. Eberlein to cast. 

Artist: Gustav Heinrich Eberlein (1847-1926)

Dimensions: H 41.5cm W 11cm D 14cm

Origin: German

Date: Circa 1900

Eberlein, born in 1847 was a German sculptor, painter and writer. His parents were unable to provide the money required for a formal artistic training, so Eberlein gained instruction wherever possible, especially for the local goldsmith. In 1866, after a local pastor recognised his talents, he gained entry into the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. 

Eberlein's political activism against figures such as 'Lex Heinze' who opposed and banned the display of so called 'immoral' art works, not only caused many of his works to be removed from the Great Berlin Exhibition, but also caused him to lose his public commissions. 

Unable to work in Germany, he moved to South Africa, where he found it difficult to regain his finances. After WW1 he moved back to Berlin, again facing criticism for creating a statue of Karl Marx, at the same time as creating a work for the former Kaiser. He was especially well known for his small figures and portrait sculpture and produced over 900 works.

During WW11 the majority of his bronze monuments were melted down and most of his 300 original plaster models were disposed of after his death in 1962. 

Many of his collection can be found at the Deatsches Historisches Museum in Berlin. 

Item Number: 2008201

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