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"Lady Of The Night"


An Art Deco, cold painted bronze figure of a promiscuous woman, standing in an authoritative, playful pose with staggering colour and hand finished detail. Set upon an onyx base. Signed "Zach" to bronze.

Bruno Zach was born in the Ukraine in 1891 and emigrated to Austria as a young man where he studied at the Vienna Academy. His experimentation with various styles and materials culminated in the prolific depiction of dominating, powerful, often erotic bronze and ivory women. He most often signed as “B. Zach” or “Bruno Zach” however a number of his pieces were signed with pseudonyms such as “Prof. Tuch”

His depiction of night workers and erotica is thought to have been a commentary on the night life of Berlin in the 1920’s and early 30’s.  

His work was edited by several firms, including Argentor-Werke, Broma Companie, and Franz Bergman

Zach died in Vienna Austria in 1945.

Artist: Bruno Zach (1891 - 1945) 

Dimensions: H 32cm W 12cm D 8cm

Origin: Austrian

Date:  circa 1920

Item No: 22012011

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